How Graphology Helps in Everyday Life

handwritingGraphology is an art to analyse the handwriting of the people and draw the relevant interpretations from their unique signs and symbols. These symbols and signs are found in the specimen of the handwriting. The handwriting analysis gives you the unique power and skill to understand the other person easily and to know them at the first meet or we say to know about them on their first handwritten document. This is amazing isn’t it.

One can easily understand that what is the basic behaviour and nature of the person whom they are meeting. One can easily strategise and behave according to the other person’s attitude.

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It shall be believed that whatever we see is not important that it is a truth. Some truths are hidden, some things are faded, some are depicted correct. Handwriting analysis or Graphology is an art which help in reveling the personality of the person internally and also know the person not only in their conscious mode but also how they are in their subconscious mode as well.

Studies say that graphologist believe that there are universal symbols which are evident in the handwriting which begin as early as the child’s first attempt to write, where they also quote an example that suppose angular patterns are observed in the handwriting of the child which are points of arrows or spears , graphologist who are professional in analysis say that such patterns would be difficult to understand and surely they depict the aggression. We all are aware of the fact that to any child scribbling is simply a means of expression they can leave on the paper, therefore one well knowledged of kind can easily study the mood of the child through that scribble on the paper.

The scribble or the drawing they have formed can let one understand that whether a child is happy sad or angry and hence they can tackle them well. Hence, one shall be convinced now that how relevant and important is this study. As per the various research and studies held it has been said that the individual’s innermost thoughts, motivations and desires could also be studied from the graphology. The handwriting of the individual has the advanced psychosis and extreme neurosis that differ as per the average person or we say it Is different for the individuals.

For example If a person is imaginative and try to live every day in his own imagined world then for such a person a graphologist would anticipate to see the handwriting signs for creativity exaggerated to  an incredible degree. When it comes to the extreme neurotic, the distinctions are again quantitative, instead of qualitative, dealing with a blown-up result on one trait, and maybe, a reduced, or absolutely absent. These symbol traits are important to analyse the person completely. However the balanced handwriting reveals the balanced mind unlike the imaginative mind as quoted in the example above, One of the important sign is also where the leftward movement in the handwriting reveals that the person has a tendency to live in the past and the rightward reveals where the person is future oriented and also somewhat aggressive..